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The roots of both my interest in nature and in photography started early in life. My family moved around a lot, which turned out to be both a good thing and a bad one. While it was disruptive, it did afford us the opportunity to take some extended family vacations on our travels. We went camping most summers as well, but when we moved, we really got to do some traveling, visiting national parks and other attractions along the way. It also meant lots of family vacation photos, which as it turns out, was also both a good thing and a bad thing. While I did get somewhat tired of posing in front of everything, it was my first introduction to photography. It wasn't until later on that the creative possibilities of photography opened up for me, but I had to start somewhere.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]The first three cameras I owned all came from various contests at some of my early jobs. With three in a row, I figure my fate was forced upon me. The first two, a pocket instamatic and a Polaroid camera never did interest me that much since there didn't seem to be that much you could do with them. The third one, however, was a 35mm SLR. When I added a couple of zoom lenses, I was hooked, and I've been at it ever since.

I am a longstanding member of NANPA, the North American Nature Photography Association, as well as the Seattle Mountaineers and the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest.

I have been photographing the natural world for twenty years now, and have loved every minute of it. In contrast to the everyday world of making a living, it's a welcome relief. To reconnect with nature somehow seems to put everything else in a clearer perspective.

When I'm out shooting, there are many things that are important. The root of it all, however, can be summed up in the name of this site: earthbound light. As the light strikes the earth below, magical things happen, and you have to be there at the right place and time in order to capture it. Doing so can be a lot of hard work, but it's also a lot of fun. By presenting these images for others to enjoy, I hope to convey at least a sense of that magic so that hopefully we can preserve these special places for future generations.

I hope you enjoy them.

About Earthbound Light

Started in 2000, Earthbound Light has become my primary vehicle for sharing what interests me with a wider audience. If you like what you see, feel free to drop by the Webstore and purchase a fine art print. I am also actively seeking publishing opportunities, both for images as well as articles.

I also teach photography and lead field trips through the Seattle Mountaineers and will likely be adding more teaching engagements in the future.

Given that I live in Seattle, much of my work has been done around the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by the Mt. Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks and everything in between, I don't foresee running out of photo opportunities any time soon. Of course, when I do travel, I have been known to take my camera with me beyond my home turf.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]After starting out with Canon, I've been exclusively using Nikon cameras for many years now. After progressing through a series of both film and digital SLR bodies, my main camera is now the new Nikon D2x, an amazing machine to be sure. The quality of digital today is excellent, comparing quite well against 35mm film. The creative possibilities of digital can not be overestimated. The future is here now.


About the Site

To facilitate online display, the images on this site were compressed using the JPEG format. I have tried to keep them as faithful to the originals as I could, but the conversion to JPEG does discard vast amounts of detail and subtlety of color present in the original. For best results, set your monitor for the most colors you can (they are photographs after all).

As mentioned, images are available for editorial or commercial use. I would be happy to work with photo buyers on projects regardless of size or budget. Images can be delivered electronically via FTP, email or on CD ROM..


For the Press

Earthbound Light is an independent resource providing information on digital and nature photography as well as images for use by editorial, advertising and stock photography clients. Publishing weekly articles and tips since 2001, the site was rated among the top 10 “coolest sites” of 2005 by Averaging over 150,000 unique visitors from more than 100 different countries each month, the site has become one of the most highly rated sources of information on related topics on the web. I am grateful for all the positive feedback I have received through my work on this site.

If you are interested in further information about Earthbound Light please contact me. If you are interested in linking to the site, you may make use of the logos found here.


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Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond by Bob Johnson


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